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Convert Number into Words in Excel

1. Start Microsoft Excel.
2. Press ALT+F11 to start the Visual Basic Editor.
3. On the Insert menu, click Module.
4. Type the following code into the module sheet. Download the code.
5. You can change 32.50 into "Thirty Two Dollars and Fifty Cents" by entering the following formula into a cell: =SpellNumber(32.50)
6. You can refer to other cells in the workbook. For example, enter the number 32.50 into cell A1, and type the following formula into another cell: =SpellNumber(A1)

More detail step by step click here!

American Money Vocabs

$10,000ten grand
$1,000a grand
$50.00fifty dollars / fifty bucks
$29.99twenty nine dollars and ninety nine cents / twenty nine ninety nine
$1.00 a dollar / a buck
$0.50a half dollar
$0.10a dime
$0.25a quarter
$0.05a nickel
$0.01a cent / penny

Ordinal Number

1st first 2nd second 3rdthird
4thfourth 5th fifth 6th sixth
7thseventh 8theighth 9th ninth
11theleventh  12thtwelfth  13ththirteenth
14thfourteenth  15thfifteenth  16thsixteenth
17thseventeenth  18theighteenth  19thnineteenth
20thtwentieth  30ththirtieth  40thfortieth
50thfiftieth  60thsixtieth  
21sttwenty first  22ndtwenty second 33rdthirty third
54thfifty fourth  75thseventy fifth 46thforty sixth
57thfifty seventh 88theighty eighth 99thninety ninth