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How to use Acceleration Units Converter
Enter the value to convert from into the input box on the top. Select the unit to convert from in the left units list. Select the unit to convert to in the right units list. Click 'Convert' button then the conversion result will immediately appear in the output box.

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Popular Units

UnitSymbolDefinitionConversion to SI units
foot per hour per secondfph/s= 1 ft/(hs)~ 8.466 667 X 10-5 m/s2
foot per minute per secondfpm/s= 1 ft/(mins)= 5.08 X 10-3 m/s2
foot per second squaredfps2= 1 ft/s2= 3.048 X 10-1 m/s2
gal; galileoGal= 1 cm/s2= 10-2 m/s2
inch per minute per secondipm/s= 1 in/(mins)~ 4.233 333 X 10-4 m/s2
inch per second squaredips2= 1 in/s2= 2.54 X 10-2 m/s2
knot per secondkn/s= 1 kn/s~ 5.144 444 X 10-1 m/s2
metre per second squared (SI unit)m/s2= 1 m/s2= 1 m/s2
mile per hour per secondmph/s= 1 mi/(hs)= 4.4704 X 10-1 m/s2
mile per minute per secondmpm/s= 1 mi/(mins)= 26.8224 m/s2
mile per second squaredmps2= 1 mi/s2= 1.609 344 X 103 m/s2
standard gravityg= 9.806 65 m/s2= 9.806 65 m/s2
source: wikipedia

Unit Symbols

Centimeter/square secondcm/sec2,cm/s2
Decimeter/square seconddm/sec2, dm/s2
Dekameter/square seconddam/sec2, dam/s2
Feet/square secondft/sec2, ft/s2
Hectometer/square secondhm/sec2, hm/s2
Inch/square secondin/sec2, in/s2
Kilometer/square secondkm/sec2, km/s2
Meter/square secondm/sec2, m/s2
Mile/square secondmile/sec2, mile/s2, mi/sec2, mi/s2
Millimeter/square secondmm/sec2, mm/s2